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IC Design Studio

We are a full service design agency producing top quality 
communication elements to fit the mission and budget 
of any client—no matter the size. 

A Little Background:

I'm Ivette Cortes, owner of IC Design Studio. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY and speak Spanish fluently. I am no stranger to multitasking and also have a passion for creating visuals that are clear, simple, and beautiful. I majored in cosmetology at a vocational high school, then worked at a salon on New York’s Upper East Side while attending the School of Visual Arts. Problem solving with visual components has always been a strength in my work. Making the complex understandable and bringing order to chaos truly inspires me. NY Times Art Director Richard Weigand coined a phrase pertaining to me he called “Salon Thinking" which he used to describe my ability to easily connect with people and help them realize their needs.


To continue building strong, trusting relationships with my clients, and to be viewed as a
valuable partner in meeting their goals.